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KK Genetics and molecular biotechnology aspire to produce products and technologies that can be used by people cheaply, easily and environmentally friendly. Presented by Dr. Sony Suhandono and consists of 9 lecturers, research in KK is made into three levels, namely basic research in the field of molecular biology, especially related to gene cloning and its characterization, control of gene expression, genomics, transcriptripomomy and proteomics, research in the field of conservation and genetic biodiversity based on molecular biology, As well as developing basic research that integrates bioinformatics and biology systems. Some studies in this Coal include genetic or molecular diversity from tropical resources for bio-corrosion, bio-mining, and bioremediation, then improving the quality of tropical fruits, such as superior durians, with molecular breeding, studies of banana ripening, and related research With the disease at the molecular level through the propagation of the vaccine, otherwise known as molecular pharming.