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Research 2013

No. Research Title


Source of funds
1 Molecular Chaperone Elongation Factor-Tu Applications To Increase Carbohydrate Production Of Food Crops With Potato As A Model Plant Dr. Iriawati dan Dr. Sony Suhandono (ke dua) STRANAS- SIMLITBAMAS
2 Isolation And Expression Study Genes Elongation Factor 1 Alpha From Cassava (Manihot Esculenta Crantz) For Osmotoleran Technology Development Against Salinity Stress Sony Suhandono, PhD RISET ITB
3 Increasing the efficiency of photosynthesis of cane using chronicon molecular cisgenic technique (tuff gene) Sony Suhandono, PhD KKP3N
4 Development of Molecular Pananda For Selection Of Gurame Fish (Osphronemus Gouramy Lac) Which Resistant To Aeromonas Hydropilla SonySuhandono, PhD IPTEKS
5 Acceleration of Assembling of Superior Varieties Durian with Molecular Breeding Approach and Connecting Batang Between Dr. Adi Pancoro KKP3N
6 Isolation of Nucleotide-Specific Microsatellite Motifs from the Durian Genome Library (Durio zibhetinus Murr. Var.) Dr. Adi Pancoro Riset ITB
7 Application of RNAi Antiviral Technology to WSSV (White Spot Syndrome Virus) and IMNV (Infectious Myonecrosis Virus) on Broodstock Shrimp Windu (Penaeus monodon) Dr. Adi Pancoro  STRANAS SIM-LITABMAS
8 Identification of Molecular Marking Genes Isoflavone Black Adaptif Levels of Climate Change Prof. Tati Suryati Syamsudin, MS.,DEA KKP3N
9 Expression of Controlling Genes of Isoflavone Levels of Local Black Soy Accession Under Different Temperature Conditions Dadang Sumardi, MP. RISET ITB
10 Development of Postharvest Storage Technology for Indonesian Local Fruits Dr. Fenny M.D RISET ITB
11 Fruit Storage Chamber as a Post-Harvest Fruit Storage Alternative for Food and Farming Industry Dr. Fenny M.D MP3EI
12 Increased levels of anticancer andrographolide through meticuloline adrograpic paniculata engineering Dr. Erly Marwani dan Fenny Dwivany RISET ITB
13 Study of material effects and ethylene inhibitors on fruit ripening processes for industrial applications Dr. Rizkita R. Esyanti dan Fenny Dwivany CAS