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Genetics and Molecular Biotechnology Expertise Group participates in various innovative product developments based on extensive research results. Product development is also carried out through collaboration with bioindustry players in various fields.

Development Team: Dr. Karlia Meitha, Dr. Kamarisima, Dr. Popi Septiani, Dr. Neil Priharto

The composition and manufacture of VTM-GBio® complies with the SOP of the Center for Disease Control (CDC). This product contains antibiotics and antifungals to kill/prevent the growth of bacteria and fungi carried during specimen collection as well as fetal bovine serum protein (FBS) to maintain the integrity of the virus and prevent degradation of genetic material. VTM-GBio® is designed to preserve and preserve viral genetic material (RNA/DNA) until the 7th day before the sample arrives at the laboratory for analysis. VTM-GBio® can be stored at room temperature for a maximum of 12 months after the date of manufacture.

Development Support: LPIK-ITB, SITH-ITB, PT. RII

Development Team: Azzania Fibriani, Ph.D., Denti Rizki Kinanti, M.Si.

DENVIT is a dengue detection kit based on One-step Real-Time PCR technology. This kit can be used for the detection of all four dengue serotypes (DENV). DENVIT detection limit is 10.107 copies/mL with high specificity.

Development Support: LPIK-ITB, SITH-ITB, PT RBI