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Prof. Fenny Martha Dwivany,S.Si., M.Si.,Ph.D.

Chair of Genetics and Molecular
Biotechnology Expertise Group

Genetics and Molecular Biotechnology Expertise Group has a research and innovation map that moves from basic research, development of technology platforms, and application of research results. The focus of basic research studies includes isolation and characterization of genes, characterization of molecular markers, molecular biodiversity, genetic and molecular breeding and bioinformatics. The technology platforms developed include control of gene expression, molecular screening, synthetic biology and big data omics. Lastly, research applications involve the agricultural industry, health industry and environmental industry.

The focus of research that has been and is being carried out is, among others, the development of candidate vaccines/diagnostic kits, screening of antiviral candidates, methods of optimizing viral media COVID-19, genomic literature study, multi-omics, molecular post-harvest, development of molecular plant resistance, plant breeding. Some of these researches were funded by ITB, Kemenristek DIKTI/BRIN, ASAHI Glass Foundation, Osaka Gas Foundation of International Cultural Exchange Japan (OGFICE), SEAMEO-SEARCA and other funding sources. In 2021, the group has produced 23 journals that have been published in Scopus-indexed international journals and international proceedings and a book on Indonesian Bananas as well as 4 patents related to nutrigenomics and antiviral candidate screening methods that have been registered in 2021.

In carrying out research and other activities, the group has collaborated with several researchers and companies both from within the country and abroad. Good research collaboration is established with researchers from other institutions such as Gadjah Mada University, Muhammadyah University Bandung, STIN, OR IPK BRIN, PT. East West Indonesia, West Java Laboratorium of Health, Bandung Municipal Health Service and PT. Biofarma, University of Leeds, Osaka University, Universiti Teknologi Malaysia and University of Groningen. To encourage the downstreaming of research results, a sharing session “From laboratory bench to Industry” was held with Dr Adi Pancoro and a webinar sharing about science-based start-ups with speakers from SITH ITB and industry.

As a form of community service, since the COVID-19 pandemic emerged in Indonesia until now, several members of the group have been involved in handling/testing/preventing COVID-19. The activity involved Husna Nugrahapraja as the Bandung Regional Health Lab Team and a member of the West Java COVID-19 Testing Sub Division. Additionally, Azzania Fibrani was the deputy coordinator of the Testing Sub Division of the West Java Covid-19 Task Force. Moreover, Erna Arifin Giri-Rachman served as Chair of the ITB COVID-19 Task Force Team, a member of the Merah Putih vaccine team, a member of the ITB academic team involved in handling COVID-19 with the Bandung City Government Research and Development and member of the Expert Council Committee on Covid-19 Handling Policy and Regional Economic Recovery, West Java. Other community service activities include 

  • the involvement in Indofood Riset Nugraha Expert Team,
  • the L’Oreal for Women in Science Jury,
  • Quality Standardization Training to improve MOCAF quality and income of Farmer Group members in ITB Foster Village in Sumedang Regency, 
  • Banana Smart Village Development, 
  • Technology Dissemination of Banana Commodity Processing in Raharja, Tanjungsari and Cikahuripan Villages, Cimanggung, Sumedang Regency, 
  • Dissemination of Banana and Cassava Commodity Processing Technology in Raharja Village, Tanjungsari District and Cikahuripan Village, Cimanggung District, Sumedang Regency, 
  • Vegetable Cultivation Training with Simple Hydroponic Technology to Increase the Capacity of Women Farmer Groups in Pamekaran Village, Rancakalong District, Sumedang Regency, and
  • Entrepreneurship Development for Millennial Islamic Students through the Application of Agrotechnology and Digital Marketing of Oyster Mushroom Products.

Research Roadmap