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Research Roadmap


KK Genetics and molecular biotechnology dreams aspirations produce a product or technology that allows people with a cheap, easy and environmentally friendly. The road map KK made into three levels, namely basic research in the field of molecular biology is primarily associated with gene cloning and characterization, control of gene expression, genomics, transkriptomik and proteomics research in the field of conservation and biodiversity of genetic-based molecular biology, as well as develop basic research mengintegrasika bioinformatics and systems Biology.

The basic research will provide the ability for members to master the technology platform kk such as genetic engineering, molecular assisted breeding, molecular screening devices, nanobiotechnology, post harvest technology and synthetic biology. This platform can be used also developed many molecular-based biotechnology products such as bioenergy, recombinant proteins for medical and industrial such as bioplastics, agricultural seed products and a better life bionanopartikel and biosensors.